III. Things around the house
Обмен учебными материалами

III. Things around the house

2. Right Word Wrong Word. Furniture p.221

3. More than Words 2. Furnishing and decorating the home p.146, Housework p.153

4. New Headway I. My favourite room p.63

5. On a Roll. U.4 The Laundromat

6. New Headway U-I. HOME is where you make it! p.9, House and Home (voc) p.12;

wb, At home on a train (passive) p.7 ex.5, Rooms and their contents p.10 ex.8

7. I. Semyankiv, A. Shugai. Listening comprehension tasks. p.12 Housing in Britain, p.11 The Handyman


1. New Headway U-I. U.1 Home Sweet Home

2. Focus on Innovators and Innovations. Segment 6

3. Headway pre-i. U.11 The Village

4. New Headway I. U.1-6 Wide open spaces

5. Focus on American Culture. Segment 10 New Suburban Designs for Living

6. Inside Out U-I. U.13 A special place

7. History of Housing in the USA

Grammar and Functions

• The Passive Voice

(formation; use; (in-)transitive verbs; by/with; It is said that he .../He is said to…; have sth done; make/let)

1. FCE 1. U.6 p.90

2. Grammarway 4. U.6 p.86


First Certificate Language Practice. U.9


Grammar Azar. U.3.1 – 3.7


Grammar Azar (new). U.11.1 – 11.8


abandoned accommodation amenities apartment hunter / seeker a rent of $50 a month a suite of furniture at a reasonable rent attic basement bay/bow window bedside table bedspread blanket blinds block of flats boarding house (built-in) furniture bulletin board bungalow bunk beds burglar alarm capital-city caravan carpet / mat / rug castle ceiling cellar chalet chest of drawers chimney coffee table condominium conveniences convent cottage curtains doorway dormitory double bed downtown/uptown drawing room dressing table drive duster duvet dweller entrance fan farmhouse fast-paced urban lifestyle (flowery-patterned) wall paper French windows front/back door guest house hamlet handy for sth Hi-Fi system / stereo homeless beggars home-town hostel hovel hut igloo industrial estate in the / this country in the suburbs / on the outskirts intermediary iron ladder landing, staircase landlord(lady) lane lavatory lawn letter-box lino living/lounge/sitting room lodger loft maisonettes manor(house) mansion metropolis mixed tap monastery old-people’s home open-plan palace patio yard penthouse pillow (case / slip) porch posh power point premises purpose-built quarter radiator chute ranch real estate agent registration remote controller remote village removal men resident residential area / district roommate rural rustic screen doors secluded self-contained flat (semi) detached house shed sheet shutters sill single bed skyscraper slated roof sliding door slum spacious stairs steps storey study switch tablecloth tapestry tenant tent tepee terrace terraced house twin bed upholstery utility room villa walkman want ad section washbasin washing machine well-proportioned window pane to be home and dry to be laid with asphalt to be lined (up) with trees to be on the house to be poorly/well furnished to brighten sth up to bring home the bacon to bring home to sb to bring the house down to carry out structural alterations to come across sth to drop in/on sb to dwell to eat sb out of house and home to equip with sth to evict from to fit the (double/triple) glazing to furnish with to get on like a house on fire to give/have a house warming party to inhabit to knock down to knock out the wall to let to look out onto sth / to face sth to look through the ads to lower/raise rent to move (in/out of) to occupy to paper/stucco the walls to put up with sth/sb to (re-)decorate the interior to rent to reside to rip out installations to settle to share a room with sb to squat to stay in a private house to take sth out until the cows come home

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